AppSource Add-in Installation

Note, the AppSource add-in is missing some useful features in comparison to the COM add-in. Read more about the differences between the COM add-in and the AppSource add-in here. If possible we suggest using the COM add-in or Outlook on the web with our browser extension.

We recommend that an admin install the add-in for all users in the organization.

Add-in is available in the Microsoft AppSource

When deploying app as an admin, you can choose which users to add the add-in to. We recommend adding the add-in to all members of a group that uses SBX. Select the groups that you need and click next.

Add users

Now, you need to give the add-in the permissions that it needs to function. Click accept permissions.

Accept permissions requests

This will open a new window. Sign in and click accept.

Permissions requested

You can then return to the previous window and click next and finish deployment to complete installation. If installation is successful, the following message will be displayed.

Deployment completed

The add-in should become available in a matter of hours.

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