AppSource vs COM Add-in

SBX works on a number of platforms and you can choose the most convenient way of installing SBX for you. The SBX COM add-in and SBX extension for Outlook on the Web offer the most comprehensive feature sets. The AppSource add-in has some limitations in comparison. This article highlights the differences between the AppSource and COM add-ins.

All versions of the add-ins:

  1. Add an extra panel to Outlook.
  2. The panel offers a ticket-like assignment and status tracking system, so you always know who is responsible for what and if they have already resolved the issue.
  3. Only relevant email reaches your inbox.
  4. Display colored categories that quickly show which group emails are open or closed and which are unassigned or assigned to you.

Category colors


  1. While the browser extension shows virtual folders right alongside Outlook folders, Outlook AppSource and COM add-ins can't modify that part of the user interface, so the SBX extension instead has an additional view in the panel to give an overview of active emails and how they are distributed amongst assignees and categories. With the COM add-in the virtual folders are in a tab in the SBX panel instead. AppSource add-ins also can't change the search query automatically, but the new view overview elements can be clicked on and that will automatically put the relevant search query into your clipboard and then you can paste the query to Outlook’s search field.
  2. Unfortunately, the AppSource add-in is unable to automatically fill in the BCC address and to change the from address when needed. Therefore, these actions need to be done manually while using the AppSource add-in.
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