SBX - Outlook Collaborative Inbox!

SBX brings clarity and effective teamwork to group email (info@sales@support@...)

Stop emails slipping through the cracks

Keep every email accounted for

Assign emails so that you can rest assured that every email will be handled appropriately

Find emails' status whenever needed

You can always see who is responsible for an email and if it has already been handled

Promote responsibility

SBX keeps track of past assignees and enables you to identify and resolve bottlenecks with analytics

Save time by focusing on what's important

Only monitor your inbox

Have all relevant group email sent to your inbox

Keep your inbox noise free

Prevent your inbox overflowing while you are on vacation or otherwise indisposed

No need for separate tools

SBX is Outlook integrated, so you don't need separate tools (Planner, Todo, Jira) for task management

Make your inbox collaborative

Organize emails with shared categories

Keep shared categories synced between all group members

No more internal forwarding

Emails are automatically visible for your teammates

Share notes with your team

Comment on emails with your teammates without worrying if comments will be forwarded to customers

What our customers are saying about us

We had been searching for a sufficiently easy-to-use helpdesk software for a while. We have now found exactly what we have been looking for in SBX. We can manage our group emails in the same interface as our personal emails. We have a concise overview and a logical process to manage incoming email. The SBX team is very open to suggestions and quick to address our concerns.

Hansab Group

SBX Tools is an excellent and compact add-in for our team, enhancing our workflow right within Outlook. It simplifies our task delegation, and its functionality fits just our needs without the bulk of larger helpdesk tools.


Take back control of your inbox and collaborate in Outlook easily

Outlook integrated

SBX is seamlessly integrated into Outlook. You can easily set up and keep working in a familiar interface.

Trust & security

We keep you in charge of your data. We collect as little user information as possible. We never store the content of your emails.