We help to make Outlook groups smarter!

SBX Tools provides a collaborative inbox that enables small and medium-sized companies to seamlessly use the ticketing feature for group addresses (info@, support@, order@, ...) for enhancing team collaboration and transparency without leaving MS Outlook.

Our story

We founded SBX Tools at the beginning of 2022 in Estonia. SBX Tools grew out of a small software development company Tautar OÜ, which focused on enterprise software and integration solutions.

We often worked the whole day at our customer’s offices to provide better service and we noticed that some of our customer’s employees’ inboxes were flooded with email and important emails started to slip through the cracks. We also noticed that it was often difficult for them to tell who is responsible for which email, they would discuss this amongst themselves, but this often ended up being distracting to their teammates. We decided to investigate the source of the issue and found that employees’ inboxes were being flooded by forwards from the company’s info email. The info email would receive a huge volume of email including questions and orders from customers but also announcements, news, and advertisements.

We saw a great similarity in this situation with the ticket systems widely used in the software world, where each customer request is a ticket, and each ticket can be assigned and given a status and changes can be monitored over time. Ticket systems avoid situations where several teammates simultaneously work the same issue and it is not clear to others whether, when and who has dealt with the customer's request and if it has already been resolved or not. We wanted to suggest a solution where they could treat every email sent to the info email address as a ticket.

We investigated existing options in the market and found that they required a stand-alone ticketing system or forced us to stop using Outlook’s user interface. However, we wanted to recommend a simple solution where our customers could keep track of all their important emails from a familiar user interface, but could also collaborate with teammates and, in the case of shared emails from the info address, let others know about their activities with little effort. Since we couldn't find the desired solution on the market, we decided to create it ourselves, and that's how SBX Tools was born.