SBX Adapter

SBX requires access to certain email metadata in your company’s inbox. Microsoft Graph API can provide the necessary access to SBX but also grants many more permissions than SBX really needs. Because of this we have created a simple adapter to offer the option to grant permissions to an open-source program that you can trust and that you can host yourselves as well as to prove that SBX does not access the contents of your emails or any other sensitive information.

The adapter is an open-source API that you need to grant Microsoft Graph API permissions. The adapter will then grant SBX a subset of the permissions granted to the adapter via API calls.

The adapter is primarily intended for companies whose policies prevent them from granting SBX full access to their email. Setting up and hosting the adapter yourself is significantly more involved than simply granting SBX the permissions it requires.

Learn more about the adapter as well as how to set it up on our GitHub.

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